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Frequently Asked Questions & Concerns


  • I'm in serious pain or injured, can you recommend specific exercises for me?
    • NO, we are not medical professionals. The only person that is authorized to recommend exercises for you when you are injured is your doctor. If you are experiencing pain from exercises, stop immediately and seek professional medical help.
  • Why am I so sore from just doing bodyweight workouts?
    • The myth that the gym is the only place that you can gain muscle is a lie, and this app will help you realize that.
  • What is a "repetition" or "rep"? How do I perform one rep?
    • A repetition is one complete movement of an exercise. If you are doing a push up, this means while in the starting position you go down and back up. If you are doing a squat, then one repetition is going down and then back up to the starting position. If you are doing a two sided exercise, make sure to do one repetition on each side to count towards the posted goal (e.g. if you are instructed to do 5 back lunges, make sure you do 5 reps on the left side and 5 reps on the right side).
  • What is a set?
    • A set is an instructed number of reps to complete in a specific amount of time. For example, the interval workouts in week 3 instruct the user to do 12 reps in 3 minutes. This 3 minute period is a set.
  • I'm a female, will this program make me bulk up? My goals are weight loss and toning.
  • Does the app have stretching/warm up/cool down?
  • What nutrition/diet plan should I follow?


  • How do I do Ladder workouts (the first day of the 10 week programs)?
    • First, read the goal at the top of the timer (e.g. "Perform one rep"). Complete this goal as quickly as you can. Once you finish, press the red button at the bottom. The timer will now instruct you to rest the same amount of time it took you to perform the goal. So if it took you 5 seconds to perform one repetition, then you must now rest for 5 seconds before the new goal is posted. When the rest period is over, read the new goal (e.g. if before you were instructed one repetition, now you will be instructed to do 2 repetitions). Perform this goal as before and then press the red button at the bottom. Ladders continue increasing the reps until you reach 4 reps, and then they go back down to 1 rep. Continue going up and down the ladder as many times as you can in the 7.5 minute period.
  • How do I do the superset workout?
    • A superset workout has 2 different exercises per set. The first exercise is done 5 reps in a slow controlled motion. As soon as you finish those 5 reps, you must press the red completion button to immediately start the second exercise. The second exercise must be done 12 reps as quickly as you can. Then press the red button again.
  • Why do ladders only go up to 4 steps?
    • Mark Lauren decided that 4 steps is superior to the limitless version found in the book. By only going up to 4 reps, you avoid muscle failure and focus on movement proficiency. We plan to update the app to allow the number of steps to be customizable.
  • The repetition goal for ladders (36) and tabatas (12) is too high/low!
    • These are merely guidelines, you can adjust them or ignore them. For ladders, you may want to do higher reps or adjust the difficulty to a harder exercise. For tabatas, 12 reps may be too difficult for single limb exercises. Adjust accordingly!
  • I miss viewing the program days, can you please bring it back?
    • We never got rid of the 10-week program listing of days, it just moved. When you are in the screen with the clipboard, press the "Change" button and select "Program Day" to view all the days of the current program.


  • I have no access to any equipment, not even a door or table. Which workouts can I do?
    • The "Quick Workouts" part of the app is specifically designed to require absolutely no equipment. All you need is a small amount of floor space and your body!
  • Pull Ups: I don't want to do these on my door, how else can I do them?
    • Doors are a great way to do pull ups because they prevent you from cheating by eliminating swinging or kipping. They also make pull ups more difficult by adding the friction of your body rubbing against the door. If you are worried about putting too much stress on the door hinges, you can place a doorstop under the side opposite from the hinges to help distribute the load. If you still don't want to do pull ups on your door, you can purchase a leverage based pull up bar like the Iron Gym (about $20 on Amazon). Simply follow the included instructions to place it above your doorway. You can also use this for let me ins, let me ups, push ups, seated dips, etc (see the pictures on the Amazon product page).
  • Let Me Ins: I don't want to do these on my door!
  • Let Me Ups & Dips: I don't have access to any sturdy furniture/structures for doing these!
  • Towel Curls are silly. Is there an alternative? What about weights?
    • Towel Curls are a great exercise because your much stronger and larger leg muscles can easily increase and decrease resistance to meet a sweet spot for your much smaller bicep muscles. Weights don't have this dynamic ability. If you still feel silly using a towel, the next best thing is resistance tubing. We highly recommend the Lifeline TNT Cable system ($30 on Amazon). If that gets too easy, upgrade to stronger black cables. Best part of tubing vs weights: tubing is easily portable for when you travel!
  • Pec Flies aren't possible in my home because of the carpet!


  • Why doesn't my sound work?
    • Check to make sure the mute switch on the side of your device is not turned on. You can still hear music when the mute switch is on, but you cannot hear the app's sound effects. Also, make sure you turn up the app volume. You can change the app volume on your iPhone by going to the settings section of the app. Try pressing the sound test button in the settings section. If that doesn't fix the problem, restart the device. Restarting the device fixes this problem 99% of the time.
  • Why didn't my workout save to favorites?
    • In order for a completed workout to be added to favorites, it must also be saved before exiting the app.
  • I can't install/update the app!
    • Please try restarting your device. If this still does not fix the problem, then verify you have enough free storage space on your device. In order for the app to install/update, you will need 2-3 times the size of the app free. Since the app is about 600MB, you will need about 1-2 GB free to perform an install/update.
  • Everytime I change the 10-week program, my progress resets!
    • We are working on a fix for this issue and it should be submitted to the App Store very soon!


  • Will there be a Body By You app or an addition to the current app?
    • We're working on it, we'll let you know!
  • How can I sync my workouts across devices?
    • The app currently cannot do this, but we are working on this feature right now!
  • In Quick Workouts, I keep getting the same workout. I want variety!
    • We listened to user requests, and the latest version of the app now has quick workout randomization! Up to 81 workout combinations per difficulty level!