Instructions for getting started

step[0] = "Become a tester"

Send an e-mail to paul okstad at hard coded studios dot com (no spaces) to request the chance to beta test the app.

step[1] = "Download the beta"

The filename is "" where "xxx" is the version number (Currently "207" for version 2.07).


step[2] = "Open the beta"

Once the download completes, locate the file.

If you are on a Mac, just double click the file to install the beta into iTunes.
If you are on Windows, double clicking the file should open the beta in iTunes. If it does not install automatically, then you can try right clicking the file and choosing "Open With" and selecting iTunes.

step[3] = "Install the beta on your iOS device"

Make sure your device is plugged into your computer and appears in the left pane of the iTunes window. Locate the beta app's icon, it will be named "YAYOG Beta". Drag this icon to your device.

step[4] = "Beta test the app!"

The app should now be installed to your phone. It will not overwrite the version of YAYOG you have from the app store, instead it will have a different name: "YAYOG Beta". Now is your chance to use it, test it, abuse it, and provide us with all your feedback... Enjoy!

What's New?

Here's a partial list of some of what's new in version 2.07:
  • Fixed an issue causing crashes at the end of a workout.
  • Added sharing via twitter for iOS 5 devices.
  • Added sharing via e-mail.
  • Allow users to record progress in the 10 week programs.
  • Automatic scrolling of images until user touches images.